June 26, 2015

Sofia Vergara Look Younger on Her Makeup-free Selfie

image from @sofiavergara

Can you believe that this photo from Sofia Vergara was takenlast week? She looks at least 15 years younger then she actually is. Now you ask, what she did to look so young? She is not wearing any make up. Only Sofia Vergara could ever look younger by not wearing makeup, she did the opposite of what make up is for.

When I saw that photo it made me wonder what is her beauty routine to maintain such a nice skin, then I remembered about an interview she gave to the website Instyle.com where she tells her top 5 must have beauty products. Check it out below.

"True or false: Do you have a beauty closet in your house?
I do! I'm a crazed person when it comes to products. If I read about a woman in a magazine, like Christie Brinkley, who's 60 and looks ridiculously gorgeous, I buy everything she says she uses. Recently I've been into an anti-aging moisturizer from Camille Obadia, and sent a whole kit of it to my mother.

Have you always been a beauty junkie?

I can't remember a time when I wasn't. I've been using creams like Crème de la Mer since I was young, and I'll try anything. People say eat chia seeds, so I eat chia seeds. Then it's flaxseed, so I eat flaxseed. Now it's quinoa, so I'm eating quinoa.

How do you feel about cosmetic surgery? Or Botox?
If it makes you happier and more confident, then why not? But I also think you have to do your research, so you know what to expect—that you'll look fresher but not necessarily younger. I don't want to age, but hey, what can you do? It's a natural process. I'm trying to do it gracefully. I also believe that unless you're 12 years old or Gisele Bündchen, it's important to wear mascara and lipstick every day. It helps.

What about style? You once said that American women go everywhere in sneakers, and you wear them only to the gym. Have you adapted?
Well, you evolve with age and knowledge, so I've learned a sense of balance. When I was living in Colombia, I'd wear everything at once—bold lip, bold eye, cleavage, miniskirt, and heels. It's more casual here, so if I'm doing thick liner, I'll do a subtle lip. But my go-to always? The cat eye."

And here is her top 5 must have products according to instyle.com:

1. La Mer the SPF UV Protecting Fluid ($85, cremedelamer.com), 2. Camille Obadia Anti-Age Cream Yam Princeps ($79; camilleobadia.com), 3. Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip Color in Ravish ($8; drugstore.com), 4. Nutribullet ($100; nutribullet.com), 5. Head & Shoulders Green Apple Conditioner ($6; headandshoulders.com).

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