July 5, 2015

Tips for a Healthy Hair

We buy  all sorts of products to have that Hollywood movie perfect hair, but have you ever stop to think that some things that do damage our hair are things we do on regular basis and never even realize it? Here is a little list of thing we normally do that can damage our beloved hair.

Picking at Your Split Ends
News flash: It can create even more split ends (and we think you might be going cross-eyed trying to find them).

Compulsive TwirlingNervous ticks are hard to break. But don’t let that affect your ends. Find something else (pen flipping?) to keep your hands occupied.

Avoiding HaircutsIf you want your hair to grow faster and look healthier, keep it trimmed.

Brushing Too MuchContrary to popular belief (and Marcia Brady), 100 brush strokes a night is actually pretty terrible for your mane. It breaks and pulls out unnecessary amounts of hair. Just a few strokes to untangle will do.

Wearing a Ponytail or Topknot Seven Days a WeekConstant pressure to the same place in your hair shaft can weaken it over time and, believe it or not, stunt growth.

Sleeping in Either of ThoseFull disclosure: This is our personal weakness--and also why we’re crying to our stylist.

Rubbing Your Wet Hair with a TowelA recipe for frizz. Post-shower hair should be gently squeezed with a towel--not wrung out.

Brushing Hair While WetWide-tooth combs--used gently--only.

Combining Hair Spray and Your Hot IronThe alcohol in most hair sprays burns when it comes into contact with heat. Apply a thermal protector before hot ironing and then fire the hair spray only afterward.

Setting the Heat Too HighFYI: A safe range for your flat iron is between 250 to 300 degrees (which is generally the low or medium setting). Curly-haired ladies: Patience, not higher heat, pays off.

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